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Identifying & filtering out warm-up emails for Outlook / Office365 πŸ”
Identifying & filtering out warm-up emails for Outlook / Office365 πŸ”
Written by Michael Burton
Updated over a week ago

When you enable email warm-up for your inbox, Revli will start sending and receiving emails to and from our network of accounts. Setting up an inbox filter will help avoid flooding your inbox with dozens of warm-up emails.
The subject line of each warm-up email ends with the ID 'rwu' which you can use as a filter for your incoming emails.

Here is how to set up an inbox filter in Outlook/Office365:

1. Go to Settings within your Revli inbox dashboard and copy the inbox filter ID

2. Open your Outlook inbox and create a new folder called "Revli".

3. Click the Settings icon in the top menu bar. Type 'rules' in the search bar and click 'Inbox Rules'

4. Click on "Add new rule" and then label your new rule "Revli". Click on "Add a condition", then select "Subject includes" under the "Subject" section in the drop down menu.

5: Once you select "Subject includes", another box will pop up. Paste "rwu" into this field and click enter.

6. Click the "Add an action" dropdown and then select the "Move to" option and then select the folder you created earlier. Click "Add another action" and select "Mark as read." Then click "Save" at the bottom of the page

7. Your new rule should match the following.

8. Click the 'Run rule now' button to archive any warm-up emails in your inbox.

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